EdgeCA is an ephemeral, in-memory CA providing service mesh machine identities, automating the management and issuance of TLS certificates.

It provides developers with a fast, easy, and integrated source of machine identities whilst also providing security teams with the required policy and oversight.

It also enables ephemeral certificate-based authorization, which reduces the need for permanent access credentials, explicit access revocation or traditional SSH key management.

It is easy to install and simple to use.

EdgeCA can run in a number of modes.

  1. It can generate a self-signed Root CA certificate.
  2. You can provide the Root CA certificate to use.
  3. EdgeCA can connect to the Venafi vCert TPP backend to get an issuing certificate, which is then used to generate certificates locally.
  4. It is also possible to disable completely all local certificate signing and have EdgeCA pass all signing requests directly on to the Venafi back-end.

Other features include SoftHSM support.

EdgeCA is a flexible open source solution, written in Go, and licenced with the Apache 2.0 Licence

For more information see the EdgeCA Wiki pages or watch the EdgeCA Youtube playlist

The easiest way to install the application is to use snaps

Get it from the Snap Store

snap install edgeca

Alternatively, use Docker

docker pull edgesec/edgeca

or build EdgeCA from source:

git clone https://github.com/edgesec-org/edgeca.git
cd edgeca

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Contributing to EdgeCA

EdgeCA is an open source project currently in early development stages. We welcome and appreciate all contributions from the developer community. Please read our documentation on contributing for more information. To report a problem or share an idea, create an Issue and then use Pull Requests to contribute bug fixes or proposed enhancements. Got questions? Join us on Slack!


Copyright 2020-2021 © EdgeSec Ltd. All rights reserved.

EdgeCA is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.